This is a question we are often asked.

Seeing as we offer both litho & digital services, we can give an impartial insight into what is becoming a battle comparable to that between Apple & Google, Tom & Jerry or any other battling duos.

So where do we start? If you are like us, quality is critically important, so lets start there.


Ask any litho printer and they will tell you ‘litho is better quality’. Ask any digital printer and they will tell you that ‘Digital is the same quality as litho now, look at our gleaming new digital press with brand new technology derived from NASA’. So who to believe?

At Pinksheep, thanks to our litho HD screening we are able to achieve a fidelity which no digital printer can match – and if they say that they can, we challenge them to a duel. We also find that litho printing still produces a more accurate colour and where there are large solid colours they appear smoother and without any ‘banding’. So round one to Litho. Ding Ding!


So you are a well organised individual who plans everything weeks ahead – well done! Realistically though, for most us, you often don’t know you need something till its too late. This really is where digital printing can have the upper hand on litho printing.

With digital printing, there are no printing plates required, no plates to load, no ‘washing up’ of the press. All these things are called the ‘Make-ready’ time which Litho printing is burdened with.

Pending how busy we are, we can get your digital job on and off press in a matter of seconds. The chances of doing this on a Litho press are very slim although doable in rare cases. Round 2 to digital.


If you require your leaflets printed with sequential numbers (for vouchers) or names and addresses which change between each leaflet, you only have one option here – digital.

With digital printing, each sheet that passes through the press can be completely different, so if you are intending to send some printed birthday invites to all 500+ Facebook friends asking them to celebrate your new wrinkles, go digital.


Size always matters – we all know that! For general printing such as leaflets, folders, business cards & brochures you may be surprised to know some of the restraints that occur in the print world. Sometimes a printer will have to turn a job down due to its size – it simply will be too big for them. Luckily, not at Pinksheep. Thanks of our large format litho press we are able to print posters up to a size of 1600m x 1100mm. To give you an idea of how big this is, we can comfortably fit 25 A4’s on a single sheet.

With digital printing (excluding large format for banners) even on the biggest digital press available you are restricted to B2 size which is around 500mm x 700mm. So if you are planning a cool, folded leaflet like the one below you might need to go for litho.

As you can see. The reason this is an ongoing argument is simply because each method of production has pros and cons. We would always advise to discuss your requirements with your printer (hopefully us) so that you are given the correct advise on what method to use.

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