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    As part of our Ora sustainability scheme, we are helping our clients become more sustainable by giving them a clearer understanding of how sustainable their merchandise buying is. We are rewarding our clients that are buying more sustainably by supporting verified environmental and social causes in collaboration with Ecologi and Plastic Bank.

    For scheme members, all purchases earn EcoTokens. This in turn count towards more impact. Purchases of sustainable products are rewarded more heavily.

    To help us understand how your company, products and services could fit into our scheme, please provide give us some more information below as to the products and services you offer. Please tell us about steps your company is taking as a whole, in certain product ranges or with specific products that are helping to make progress to a more sustainable and ethical future.

    For example, this could be related to the place of manufacture or the use of renewable energy in the manufacturing process. It could be product ranges made from more sustainable materials. It could be schemes or programs you have created or are a part of that giveback.

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