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Pinksheep loves the environment

Keeping it Green

We think a lot about the environment. It must be a sheep thing. That’s why our environmental policy is so solid.

Tree Love

The Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) is seriously on the ball. They make sure that the paper we use can be traced back to a responsible source. Every year, our FSC-certified suppliers plant thousands of trees on our behalf. And that makes us very happy. By the way, if you’re an FSC fan like we are, you can ask us to put their logo on your finished product. Caring about how your printing came about is definitely something to be proud of.


We’re very particular about the chemicals and processes we use. Our paper is processed using Elemental Chlorine Free technology. That’s science talk for dodging nasty toxins. Our ink is made with clean vegetable oil before being delivered to us in eco-friendly packaging. We also have on-site mixing technology that helps us nail the right colours to avoid wastage.


Who doesn’t like a bit of sunshine? Even our main production facility has a sunny disposition – it’s fitted with special lights that turn off when Mother Nature is doing her thing. We’ve also got solar panels on the roof, which is where a lot of the electricity we use comes from, along with some very clever motors designed to run 70% more efficiently.

Waste Not

Paper is precious. That’s why we make the most of every sheet we have. After all, wastage makes an impact on both the environment and our costing. Serious business. We also recycle wherever we can.

Our environmental policy isn’t a marketing ploy or a fashion accessory. All the steps we take mean a lot to us. We’d be happy to tell you more over a cup of tea. Green tea, even.