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Guiding great brands to sustainable merchandise & print

We’re helping our clients to sustainably source at least 50% of their marketing materials by 2025. We know it’s challenging to source sustainably whilst making it commercially viable. Luckily, we’re here to help with our
4 step sustainability scheme.


For many years now our industry has carried out its valuable work unaware that we have been adding to the massive environmental problems we face today, we must now be part of the solution.

Every 1.2 seconds

man destroys an area of forest the size of a football field

8 million pieces

of plastic finds it’s way into our oceans daily

381 million tonnes

of plastic waste produced yearly

Understand the problem so you can become the solution


  • Why we need to change our buying habits and buy in a more sustainable and ethical way.
  • What green washing is and what industry solutions are in place to buy sustainably.
  • Types of ethical and sustainable products and the difference between open and closed loop solutions… plus much more!

    We will NEVER spam, rent or sell your information.

    Sustainable product alternatives, know exactly what you are buying before you purchase

    The merchandise industry faces many challenges regarding ethical and sustainable practises. There’s currently no clear guideline stating what makes a certain product or process sustainable. Pinksheep are pioneering our own stringent standards and building a framework for our clients so we can all better understand how sustainable we’re being.

    • Non-Sustainable Products
      It’s not always possible to use a sustainable product, but knowing which products are not sustainable is important. We can then choose to actively look at options that fall in to the two following categories.
    • Partly-Sustainable Products
      Some products can’t be classified as “fully-sustainable” but have characteristics that make them better than many others. This opens up doors to a more vast product range, whilst making steps in the right direction.
    • Fully-Sustainable Products
      These products meet a strict set of guidelines crafted by Pinksheep that make them “fully-sustainable”. If sustainability is top priority for your brand, then these products present a suitable selection to choose from.

    Offsetting your merchandise & print by rewilding the Scottish Highlands

    We’ve partnered with Trees for Life. Their vision is of a revitalised wild forest in the Highlands of Scotland, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive. Carbon offsetting is just one way Pinksheep are going above an beyond to help our clients with their sustainability goals.
    • Pinksheep are a proud Silver Partner of Trees for Life
    • Every £ spent with us goes towards planting trees

    We will plant a tree on your behalf
    for every 1250 EcoTokens.

    As part of our scheme, you will earn EcoTokens for every £ spent with Pinksheep.

    The more sustainable your spend, the more EcoTokens you will accrue. Pinksheep will automatically plant trees on your behalf.

    EcoToken / £

    Non-Sustainable Products

    We understand it’s not always possible to buy sustainably. Where this is the case, Pinksheep will still offset by issuing one Eco Token per £ spent.

    EcoTokens / £

    Partly-Sustainable Products

    Some products don’t meet our stringent requirements to be classified as “fully-sustainable” but are far better than many alternatives. For these products, you’ll get 2 Eco Tokens for every £ spent.

    EcoTokens / £

    Fully-Sustainable Products

    For products that qualify as ‘fully-sustainable” you’ll get 3 Eco Tokens for every £ spent. It’s our way of saying thank you for doing your bit.

    Data insights, tailored specifically to your sustainability goals

    With Pinksheep’s industry leading reporting, you’ll quickly understand how sustainable your merchandise and print requirements really are. Only by knowing this can you start to consciously make changes in the right direction.

    • Email reporting to keep you up to date.
    • Live Dashboard – view your stats anytime.
    • Tree planting certificate each quarter.
    • Plus much more…