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Ora is exclusively for Pinksheep’s clients striving for a sustainable future

Our vision is clear:

To help Ora members sustainably source at least 50% of their marketing materials by 2025.

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Your customers expect your brand to act sustainably and responsibly. It isn’t always easy. Delivering the perfect project, whilst ensuring it is sustainably and ethically sourced can be challenging. We can help.

Sustainable Buying Choices

A quick glance is all you’ll need to see if a product is good or bad for the environment. It’s all thanks to our unique traffic light grading system.

  • Items that are not sustainable are marked with a red leaf.
  • More sustainable items are marked with an orange leaf.
  • The most sustainable items are marked with a green leaf.

Carbon Offsetting

Trees planted for every £ you spend

Every purchase you make with Pinksheep will go towards re-wilding the Scottish Highlands.

  • When you join our scheme, our system will automatically allocate Eco Tokens for every purchase you make.
  • These tokens are then seamlessly transferred into trees which are planted by Trees for Life.
  • The more sustainable your buying habits, the more tokens you will earn. This means more trees planted in your name!

In partnership with…

1 EcoToken / £
Non-Sustainable Products

We understand it’s not always possible to buy sustainably. Where this is the case, Pinksheep will still offset by issuing one Eco Token per £ spent.

2 EcoTokens / £
Partly-Sustainable Products

Some products don’t meet our stringent requirements to be classified as “fully-sustainable” but are far better than many alternatives.

3 EcoTokens / £
Fully-Sustainable Products

For products that qualify as ‘fully-sustainable” you’ll get 3 Eco Tokens for every £ spent. It’s our way of saying thank you for doing your bit.

1250 tokens
= a planted with Trees for Life

Our software will automatically allocate tokens to your account every time you place an order. Every time you accrue 1250 tokens it will allocate you a tree! At the end of each month, we send the order to Trees for Life.

Use the slider to estimate how many trees you could plant if you bought only fully sustainable products.

£0 spent each year
trees planted = 0

Industry-Leading Reporting

View your sustainability data on demand. Your own dashboard gives you up to date numbers on your buying habits and amount of trees planted.

  • Live reporting – see how your buying habits are improving.
  • Post your stats directly to social media in a couple of clicks.
  • Never feel left in the dark about your sustainability goals again.
Exclusive Ora Members Badge
100 Trees Mile-stone token
250 Trees Mile-stone token
500 Trees Mile-stone token

Be part of something great!

Being part of Ora is more than just merchandise. Join a community of marketeers striving for a brighter future. On joining Ora you will receive a membership pack to start your sustainability journey and awards along the way.

  • Your welcome pack includes members badge, certificate and gift.
  • Earn milestone rewards as you increase your impact.
  • Get exclusive Ora member discounts and benefits.

How it works

1. Join the scheme

Fill in the simple form and a member of our team will contact you to get you registered. It’s free and easy.

2. Track sustainability

As you place orders you’ll be able to easily source sustainable products. Get live reporting to keep track of your buying.

3. Plant Trees

Every order you place goes towards re-wilding the Scottish Highlands. This happens seamlessly in the background.

Have you ever thought how the sustainability of your marketing is making your customers perceive your brand?

Your marketing campaigns are the front-line of customer engagement. Now, more-than-ever, your customers expect you to act responsibly and sustainably. If you’re not considering this with your merchandise and printing the chances are it could result in a bad reputation and customers distancing themselves from your brand.

Research shows – customers want to do business with brands who market themselves sustainably. At Pinksheep we understand the difficulty in making the necessary changes to achieve this.

So, we’ve pioneered our own stringent standards and created an industry-leading framework to help you become a brand that looks great, is trusted, and firmly part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Being a member of our scheme comes with 3 main benefits:

1. You’ll be able to see how sustainable each product is – thanks to our unique traffic light grading system. This helps you to make informed buying decisions so that you can choose to buy sustainably.

2. You’ll earn eco-tokens which are earned based on how sustainable your buying choices are. The tokens are seamlessly transferred into trees. Our partners – Trees4Life – are rewilding the Scottish Highlands where you will start planting your very own corporate grove. Every £ you spend with us automatically goes towards helping the carbon reduction effort. In return, you’ll receive certificates at certain milestones as you see your grove increase in size.

3. You’ll be able to track your sustainability performance and see how your buying habits are changing. Our advanced reporting gives you live data and a breakdown on how much of your spend is sustainable or unsustainable and how many trees you’ve planted to date.

Applying to join is simple, and it’s free.

All you need to do is:

1. Join our sustainability scheme below to start your journey.

2. Work with us as we guide you through the minefield of sustainable merchandise and print.

3. Relax in the knowledge that your brand is now being responsible and sustainable.

Remember, your customers expect you to be acting responsibly. The stakes are high, and a bad reputation can spread like wildfire, but likewise so can a good one.

When you join the scheme you can be proud knowing you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure your brand isn’t part of the problem but instead… part of the solution. We have a vision for our clients to sustainably source at least 50% of their marketing materials by 2025, we hope you’ll help us achieve this goal?

If so, fill in the form today – we look forward to working with you.

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